Oct 20, 2014


I had the beautiful and lovely Kelly Ash, and equally beautiful photographer Samantha West in at the SET D A Z E studio to play with some different looks for fall.  I love choosing a category or feature and extending it with different options but staying within the family.  On our last Play Daze shoot, I used a green eyeliner and did 3 different shapes.  Today I used lipstick as our main focus and used 3 different berry colors done in three ways.

It’s interesting how color can make you feel like a different person, a sexy goddess, a sweet innocent, a powerhouse.  Whatever you want really…or just yourself!  

The first color is by Chanel.  It s a true RED and appropriately named Pirate.  It has a shiny finish and gives off a full sexy and bright red lip.  I layered on  the color a few times straight from the tube to get the maximum coverage. 

Secondly I used Pouty by Tarte.  It is a true stain and can be layered and blotted with a tissue and then layered on again, until you get the desired depth of tone. 

Lastly, I used a flat angled brush with a black eyeliner to create the deep base and sharp lines for this eggplant sexy lip look.  If you want that almost black lip with a purple tone, try the eyeliner as a trick and then layer on Palais Royal from Nars.  

Don’t be scared to try something new, and if you feel overwhelmed by the color, keep the rest of your face all natural and maybe even try a brown mascara instead of black to help keep the focus on the lip!

Oct 9, 2014 / 4 notes

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With fall coming, it’s always nice to play up a bit of nature”s colors in our makeup.  I love a gel liner because you can use it in so many ways!  As a base for shadow, as a cat eye, as an accent color, and then some.  I love a green liner for fall and I love trying new ways of using a liner.  Here we have one color statement used three ways for all of your different personalities.

The liner used for this look was based around Jane Iredale’s Jelly Jar in the new Green shade.  I love this because of it’s natural ingredient qualities and also because it is easy to use yet dries in place

Chaun ( shot by Maggie Davis ) became my Bauhaus Beauty, Gentle Sultress, and Party time Vixen .

I used:

look one - The Bauhaus Beauty //  I started with the liner and a flat angeled synthetic brush to create the clean lines.  I created a cat eye shape but capped it off with more of a solid triangle.  Then lined the top lid very lightly.  I added a bit of a fun shape inner eyelid to make it more editorial and interesting and then applied Mascara lightly to the lashes.  Brushed the brows into place and then added a bit of Tarte Amazonian Clay powder bronzer to her cheekbones, and a bit of chanel lip conditioner and that was it!
Look two  The Gentle Sultress // I used a short rounded brush and buffed the liner along the bottom lash line, following it out a bit on the outer edge to give a bit of a longer line.  I added the same mascara to the bottom lashes and a little bit to the top.  I wanted to keep this look heavy on the bottom and very clean on the top lid.  This is a great technique for people who feel they don’t have much eyelid space to play but still want visible color.  A bit of Chanel creme blush was put along the apples of the cheek with a Duo Fiber brush.  I kept the lips bare as to make this statement all about eyes and cheeks.   
Look three-  The Party Vixen // I wanted to give a bold statement here but I left the hair natural and loose to keep it cool and not too done up.  I used a rounded tipped brush that was narrow enough to give precision but a soft edge.  I first created the shape I wanted, which was a rounded lid that basically mimicked the shape of the natural lid, and then filled it in with the liner.  Then I added layers of mascara and got as close to the lash base as possible, as we did not use any black or dark eyeliner, so this helps define without using liner.  I wanted to keep the shape simple and clean and not too “smokey” , so that is why I chose not to add a dark eyeliner on top.  I kept the rest of the face clean and added MAC Auburn lipliner.  I first created the shaped I wanted, which was a bit more pointed at the bow of the lip, for fun.  Sometimes I like to add a bit of a point or round out the lip a bit more.  It’ can be fun to create a new identity by slightly changing your lip shape sometime!  After making the desired shape, I then filled the rest of the lip in.  I used a liner for the whole lip because I wanted the lip to be super matte and liners are generally pretty dry.  Brushed the eyebrow and boom, you”re ready for your party.  

Direct Message me on my @SETDAZE instagram and send me your photos of you trying these looks!! I would love to re-gram them on my @setdaze instagram!!!  

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Analogous colors are groups of colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel…in this case Red, undertones of Yellow, and Orange.  It’s always fun to look at a color wheel to see random color schemes that you may not think would go well together, and play with them! 

On Alex I used : 

1 Soleil Tan De Chanel all over her face for a sheer wash of shimmer instead of a foundation

2 Then applied an orange shimmer eyeshadow from Makeup Forever all over her eye lid in a oval shape including the bottom lash line, using a rounded brush helps give the edges of the shape a softness 

3 A thick coat of Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave ( the perfect matte orange lipstick !!) was applied with a sharp flat tipped brush to give the shape precision, and then another coat was added for even more opacity

4 Three layers of Votre Vu Mascara was applied to give a the lashes solid definition without using an eyeliner 

This look was shot by Samantha West in my home studio located in SIlverlake on a lovely Saturday afternoon!  

Try out three colors on the color wheel and send me the final photos! I want to see what you come up with !


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I like to call this look the “Modern 60’s Cool Girl”…She is edgy but still sweet with her cat eye tipped bronze lids, subtle peach lip, and strong brow.  Her skin is dewy and flawless and her confidence is alluring and playful.  

This is the look I get asked the most often to recreate weather it be from friends wanting to try something new on themselves, an magazine editor wanting the model to look sexy but not overly done up, or a celebrity who wants their eyes to stand out but still look like themselves…We all want to look effortlessly awesome, and this is a look that can help you achieve it.  Alex Noiret, one of my most favorite muses and Samantha West, one of my most favorite photographers, helped me create this look.

On Alex I used :

Weleda Rose lotion for a gentle and nourishing softness 

Chanel liquid bronzer Soleil Tan was then applied for sheer highlight to the entire face, instead of foundation

Chanel eyebrow pencil to taylor the edges of the brow to give a full appearance, then I combed them into the desired shape

( I love to give a heavy brow with a cat eye sometimes, as I feel the tapered brow shape mimics the tapered edge of the cat eye, playing nicely together for a bold yet natural look ) 

Votre Vu eyeliner in Chocolate was then used over the entire lid, creating a red brown creamy base for the eyeshadow, as well as allowing you to get precision in the shape you want to create

(With a round edged brush you then can buff out the edges slightly as to make it a more defused and softer shape )

I then applied Pixie bronze shadow over the entire shape that we just created with the pencil and in the center of the lid I added a lighter golden hue to give a more ombre gradation to the colors

A thick layer of Mascara was applied to the top lash and a lighter amount was applied to the bottom lashes, allowing the bottom lash line to be a bit less heavy and more open

Dior Addict lipstick was applied to the lips as the final step

Samantha then took Alex outside for some final shots in the beautiful California Sun!

Now it’s your turn to try it on yourself! Send me photos and show me what you did!

Aug 12, 2014


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It’s summer and you want to look good naked as much as possible.  This goes the same for your face.  I gave Devon a perfect nude look using some very clean products.  It’s really all about smoothing out the tones in your skin without over doing it.  Let your freckles show through but look flawless in the mix of it all.

On Devon I used: 

Living Libations Organic Rose oil to nourish and give a rosy glow.  You can use this at night as well for a age defying mask while you sleep.

Chanel Eye Brow Pencil was used to fill in any missing gaps between hairs and then the brush end brushed all of the brows upward for a youthful bushy finish. 

Clairns Radiance Boosting Complexion base was used all over the face.  I love this product so much!! It really does leave your skin looking like skin but still giving you some coverage.

4 Tarte’s newest LipSurgence color in Energy is the perfect almost clear pink and was used in the center of Devon’s lip for a subtle flush of color.

Devon was photographed by Eddie Chacon.  Hair was done by Adrian Arredondo and Alan Diaz

Instagram: setdaze 

Photo of Umbrella by Jimmy Marble 

Jul 26, 2014 / 1 note


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Blue eyeshadow has always held a very special yet small place in my heart.   I remember when I just started out as a makeup artists, I wanted to use every color of the rainbow, including electric blue.  As I developed more, I started to strip back to bare bones natural looks but then I realized I forgot about color.  I love blue, but I have evolved into using it into a bit more of an accent rather than only a statement.  Don’t get me wrong, there IS a time for a neon blue eyeliner!

On Corrie I used: 

1- Rose Hip oil is one of my tops for natural skin care.  It gives you a healthy glow while actually aiding in the health of your skin.  And it is packed with skin healing Vitamin A.

2- Clairns liquid foundation was applied lightly to the entire face.  This sheer quality and natural finish seriously leaves skin looking like it’s self rather than makeup heavy. 

3- With the Dior 5 color pallete, I used the lightest blue and layered it heavy in the center of the lid and then using the lightest silver, I brushed the outer corers outward, giving a subtle point.

4- To get a groomed brow that would stay in place and leave a bit of color, I used Anastasia Brow Tint brushing upward and then shaping the tail of the brown downward. 

5- For a natural tint on the lips that is not only natural in color but in ingredients, I used ILIA lipstick.  They have a collection of very fun bold colors to the tone used here and everything in between with all natural dye used for the colors. 

Corrie was photographed by Metropolis of Vice, styled by Sissy Sainte Maire (wearing Sissy Sainte Marie Vintage ), makeup and hair was done by me.

Jul 8, 2014 / 1 note


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Making a bold statement doesn’t always have to mean using bold colors or dark lines.  Sometimes all it takes is putting a block of color all the way up to your eyebrows, some gold hair palmade, and your favorite vintage Buzzcocks tee.  

I gave Devons eyes, lips, and cheeks a wash of soft peach using the same product but addling more layers on the eyes to give a more opaque and intense color.  To me, that’s punk, being so minimal all you need is one product.  Rock on!

 On Devon I used: 

1- Clarins Skin Illusion foundation for an incredibly natural dewy finish all over her face to give the perfect glow 

2- Nars Multiple stick was used with a fluffy small blush brush and layers were added on the eyelid crease and above up into the eyebrow, avoiding the actual eye lid.  Then added along the cheek bones and pressed into the mouth, creating a stain effect.

3- Pacifica all natural mascara was added to the top and bottom lashes for depth

4- Adrian added Oribe 24k gold pomade from the part of the hair and down slightly, giving her roots a real gold shimmer

Devon was photographed by Eddie Chacon.  Hair was done by Adrian Arredondo and Alan Diaz

Instagram: setdaze

Paintings by Gloria Noto 

Jun 30, 2014


Nasty Gal had me come into their Down Town LA studio and show them a step by step super dewy glossy look.  You can do this look with any color of your choice, but for this I chose a hot pink.  I left the rest of the face naked and glossy which is so nice for this time of year.

Thanks Nasty Gal!

Here is the link to the whole story and products used :


Jun 30, 2014
Jun 2, 2014


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Jori has such an amazing lip shape so I wanted to give her a full on red lip and keep everything else very simple and clean.  This is a perfect summer daytime look, it’s actually a perfect any season any time of day/night look, lets be real. 

On Jorji :

1- Tom Ford Wild Ginger lipstick was applied to her entire lip and blotted with tissue then reapplied for a longer lasting finish

Jorji was photographed by Eddie Chacon and styled by Sissy Sainte Marie wearing Diaboli Kill accessories. Hair was done by Adrian Arredondo

Instagram: setdaze

May 21, 2014